Dear Artist, (2020)

Dear Artist, (2020)

Meriç Algün, screenshot of Dear Artist, (2020) (courtesy of Meriç Algün)

Specially commissioned research-based artwork
Screen recording (duration: 7'48'') and e-mail subscription service

Access and inclusion are catch phrases in the contemporary art world. However, the structures of that world are often hierarchical and restrictive. Meriç Algün’s Dear Artist, (2020) explores these concerns through an epistemological collage consisting of invitations to various projects e-mailed to the artist in recent years. Do these invitations offer a possibility of genuine engagement? Or do they manipulate artists? Dear Artist, reconstructs the artist’s experience in the form of a video and and an e-mail subscription service. They can be experienced individually, or in combination, in order to achieve a greater effect. The artwork was developed in collaboration with the curator Vlad Strukov, and a reflection on Algün’s experience, presented as a conversation with Vlad, can be found in the PDF.





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