The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture is an independent interdisciplinary academic platform that advances critical discussions about contemporary art, culture, and museum practice in the Russian and global contexts. It publishes original empirical, theoretical, and speculative research in a variety of genres, celebrating innovative ways of presentation. Fully peer-reviewed, The Garage Journal provides a source book of ideas for an international audience.

The design of The Garage Journal, created by the New York-based studio On White Wall, is rooted in the architecture of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Occupying the former Vremena Goda (Seasons of the Year) Soviet Modernist restaurant built in 1968 in Moscow’s Gorky Park and transformed in 2015 by OMA, the Garage building inspired the appearance of the journal. The logo references the building’s outline, with a translucent, elevated door as a central element, inviting readers to enter and explore The Garage Journal.